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We conceptualized the human experience from a comprehensive/holistic approach. We not only have a physical body, but also we have emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies. Above all, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience in Planet Earth. Our mission is to provide holistic psychological services designed to help you find balance in your life by overcoming yours psychological, emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual challenges.

We will provide the understanding and the techniques necessary to make wellness as a way of life- a life style designed to achieve your highest potential for well-being.

We can think about a our life as a movie. Which type of ending do we want? What do we need to know, what to we need to change so we can have a good ending?. The first step is the awareness that there is a problem in our life. Then, we need to take responsibility for our healing.

The psychological problems that we face in our daily life may be caused by stress of different factors. They can be the results of past experiences, learning, environmental influences and organic factors. These can cause negative beliefs, inappropriate behaviors, uncomfortable feelings, poor health, energetic blockages. You may or may not be able to identify your problem, but the realization that you have an issue that need to be dealt with is very important. So, we need to understand the cause of our psychological problems, so we can do something about it.


Taking responsibility means to make a commitment towards your own healing. Within a holistic approach to counseling, you will find a nurturing environment that will provide you with the understanding of the cause of your psychological issues and will provide you with the appropriate tools to make wellness a way of life, so that your movie can have a good ending.

The process of psychotherapy is like a journey which may have its enjoyable and difficult moments. It can be a very growthful experience when a motivated client and a caring-sensitive-knowledgeable psychologist are involved.

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